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The symptoms to consider include - queasiness or vomiting, abdomen bloating, regurgitation (also known as vomiting in the mouth area), stomach pain, symptoms of heartburn , burping and loss of desire for food. While over-the-counter medications can give temporary rest from the pain associated with sour abdomen, here are some home cures which can help prevent sour stomach. Add 2 mugs of drinking water to it and boil it. Be sure you take 2 mugs of water to prepare 1 cup of rice. Kidney rocks could be another problem nonetheless they normally show up, I've acquired that snd it's agony! Stay hydrated with watered down gatorade or ginger ale. You need to see a health care professional if you aren't better in a day, you develop fever, bloody diarrhea or severe vomiting. Take care.stomach ache what to eat to feel better
Treatment: Low dosage OCPs are given in order to regulate the routine and surgery is also another Treatment option. How to proceed: See your doctor. Kids who get belly migraines can sometimes feel them arriving on, and may have the ability to take medication to avoid attacks. Ensure that your child gets enough sleeping and eats regular foods and snacks, which can also help.
Sorry it too so long to make contact with you. Hard to keep up challenging comments. I would say the symptoms are definitely more consistent with a stomach virus somewhat than food poisoning. Keep in mind watered down gatorade or ginger ale is best. Severe belly pain can often be from gentle conditions, such as gas or the cramping of belly flu. On the other hand, moderate pain or no pain may be present with life-threatening conditions, such as tumor or early appendicitis.
What it feels as though: Sudden, flat pain and tenderness in the low right part of your stomach that becomes more and more extreme. The pain could easily get worse when you walk, cough, or make jarring motions, says Dr. Katkov. You may even experience nausea, vomiting, fever, or bloating. Tummy pain that retains returning might be associated with constipation , food intolerances or inflammation in the gut.
Whichever supplement you decide to try, make sure to follow the dosage directions and consult a doctor if you have any side results. Sure sounds like a abdomen viral infections. Hard to state for sure with out a full background and physical. Auscultation (being attentive by stethoscope). Normally some noises from typical moving of the stool and gas can be heard. Excessive may seem are observed in speeded peristalsis (usually in food poisoning) or in partial colon obstruction. No tones can be listened to in severe constipation, in complete colon obstruction - ileus and after stomach surgery.

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